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Baby’s IKEA

Having a baby is the most wonderful experience a woman can have.
I thank God that I’m blessed with two beautiful and healthy children.

Time flies. Can’t believe my little one, Alvian, is now 5 months old :)

I still remember those days when my husband and I were so busy preparing for the arrival of our first baby.


Lucky for us, we no longer need to do that for our 2nd baby, Alvian. We already have all the necessary things that we need to have from our time with our first baby, Alvernia.

Almost all of the baby products that we bought were from Ikea. Their design is simple and classy, and most importantly IKEA always produce high-quality products. And after almost 4 years of usage, it is still in perfect condition.


If you are preparing for your little ones, here’s some information that can be useful for you.



All those informations are available at IKEA’s website.

Wait no more, go and visit now