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Helping Others

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough people
get what they want.

This idea may seem unusual especially since many people are only concerned with themselves. The truth is, if you reach out to help others attain their goals, they will be more willing to help you reach yours. There’s an old saying, “What goes around comes around.” You may be surprised how true this is.

Are you willing to help others, even if it won’t benefit you?

Me and my HTC Flyer

It has been 1 week since I used HTC flyer and I really love it.
It isn’t just look nice on the design , but this device is brilliant on the inside too.

HTC Flyer is the first tablet delivering a new HTC innovation that features natural pen interaction. It can draw, paint, write, sign documents, and even retouch pictures. It can be a highlighter for the reader (and by the way all your highlights will be collated when you’re done).

This is definitely very useful, especially for mobile people like me. Now I can sign documents, authograph my book everywhere I go.  So far, no other device can do this kind of technology



With the magic pen, you can highlight text, write down notes, and get an autograph of the author, right on the book. Curious to know how it works? watch this short video, and be amazed !


You can also take self-portraits, and doodle on them
Watch this video to see how you can use Snapbooth to take pictures with your friends, family, and even celebrities and how to use the pen and filters to enhance your photos before sharing them.

HTC flyer is not just for play and entertainment. It also great for to capture everything important during meeting. It can take notes with voice recording, along with pictures and scribbles.
Watch this and you’ll definitely can’t wait to go for your next meeting and give it a try.

Brillianaire 2011 with Merry Riana

More women are working today than in the past. In today’s competitive world, the towering cost of living makes it harder for us – aspiring women, to mind our own business. We may ask ourselves, “How can we live fulfilling lives, while at the same time strive to become precious assets to our companies?”


It is my honor to be part of this great event, BRILLIANAIRE™ 2011 conference, where each programme is precisely designed to enrich aspiring women today, within & beyond.

Together with these outstanding speakers from Singapore, we will share with you real-life techniques that you can apply for success.

BRILLIANAIRE™ 2011 is a perfect opportunity to gain rare insights from a group of Iconic, International and Impressive luminaries in the marketplace today.

You will be engaged in high-calibre seminar topics that cover key aspects of what it means to be a woman who shines in society, from who you are on the outside, to a unique perspective on the biochemistry of your body.

The exciting two-day programme is designed for every woman to claim her wealth.

Men are welcome to join.

So, what are you waiting for?
Visit today to register and reserve your seat!

See you there ! :)

Brillianaire 2001 – Merry Riana