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Live Beautifully, Share Beautifully with Merry Riana

It is my honor to be the one of the Ambassador for the ‘Live Beautifully’ Campaign by Watson.

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For the past 6 weeks, you all has been inspired by the other top bloggers, on how you can Create beautifully, Feel Beautifully, and also Look Beautifully.

The next 2 weeks, I’m going to share with you how you can share beutifully as well.

But as a start, let me introduce about myself first.
My name is Merry Riana, I’m an Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker.

I consider myself a very blessed person to be where I am right now.
Actually, I have a very humble beginning in life. I didn’t come from a very wealthy family and I was really struggling financially when I first arrived in Singapore.
I still remember vividly even until today, how I survived with just $10 a week.
I’ve been so blessed and fortunate that I’ve managed to overcome many difficulties in my life and achieve success at the young age

I’m currently living the life that I could never imagine to be possible.

To me, true success in life is not measured by how much you make,
but by how much of a difference you make in the life of others.

And that’s why when I celebrated my 30th birthday last year, I’ve made a resolution
For the next 10 year of my life (before I celebrate my 40th birthday), I want to create a positive impact to the lives of at least 1 million people, especially in Asia.

As much as I’ve been inspired by many successful people out there, I too want to be an inspiration for others. As much as I’ve been blessed, I too, do my best to be a blessing for others.

It is my greatest joy to know that my life experiences during my personal success journey has made an impact in the life of others.
And I hope within this 2 weeks, I can share with you more about my philosophy of life so that not only you can live beautifully, but also share beautifully.

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