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Merry Riana singing with her husky voice

Pink/Black Christmas High Tea

Last week I was invited by the Beautiful Celebrity Coach/Publicist, Christina Liang to come to her Christmas High Tea Party. 

The theme was Pink/Black Christmas.

It was an afternoon full of beautiful Ladies. I was sitted next to two Miss Singapore Universe, Jade Seah and Annabel Tan :) hahahah..

Anyway, It was a nice surprise to meet my friend, Annabel. We just chatted over sms not long ago, little did I know I bumped into her again at the Christmas Party. Law of attraction ! :)

Here’s some good moments captured

Chirstmas Hi-Tea Party at Lawrys 1

 Christmas High Tea 2

Chirstmas Hi-Tea Party at Lawrys 3

Tung Desem Waringin and Merry Riana

Keep the Faith

Need to have faith?

We already have faith, the only thing is where we place it.

I recently heard this analogy about faith. It says that “Faith is at the heart of life. You go to a doctor whose name you cannot pronounce, He gives you a prescription you cannot read. You take it to a pharmacist you have never seen. He gives you a medicine you do not understand and yet you take it.”  Now, that is living by faith !

We all have faith. In fact every day we act on beliefs that have little or no evidence to back them up. Every day, we are living by faith. When you on the light switch, you put faith in the electrical wiring. When you mail a letter you have faith in the SingPost (Singapore Post Service).

And that is also true in a spiritual sense. Just as one person has faith that God is real, an atheist has faith that there is no God. Both people hold strong beliefs, and neither person can produce evidence to absolutely prove his point of view. Right now, you already have faith in something.

I’m grateful that I grew up in a family that filled with faith. Since young, my parents always thought me to always have faith in God. Turns out, that simple lesson has really brought me to be where I am right now.

Even from the latest Sunday Times interview about me and my mom, She also shared the same thing.

 Making Merry



As we get closer to the beginning of 2011. Yesterday, I did a reflection of my life in 2010 and counted my blessings. What an amazing year that I have !  And I believe I have come this far by faith, trusting, and leaning on God. And through it all through joy and pain, through sunshine and rain, it was God who brought me through.

There are some things in life you will arrive at only through faith.

I thank God for everything that He has done for me. And as much as I’ve been blessed, I hope this sharing of mine will bring blessings into your life too.

Flip Mino HD &

In this cyber society, I believe there are more and more people who buy things online. Simply because it opens 24 hrs, and it is very convenient.

I recently got to know about an online shopping site when I came for their launch event.  



The founder, Peifen is such a friendly and smart woman. She shared with me about her online shop. is a Singapore’s only online lifestyle shopping space that filled with chic and affordable products. People can simply shop men’s, women’s, kids’, IT and home products at one go on one portal.

12buysg 1


Peifen also mentioned that the products that you see in are unique, something that you don’t normally get in the local shops, e.g. organic clothes, evergreen toys, and many others.
Go and visit the website yourself

Last month, they kindly give a complimentary Flip Mino HD for me. Simply love the gadget. I think it was love at first sight. If you see it, you definitely know why I am so attracted by it.

Flip Mino HD


From the look of it, it’s already so beautiful. It is RED color. My favorite! And even best, it has a Butterfly design. (Read my previous post if you want to know why I love Butterfly so much)

Flip Mino HD is an awesome video recording device. In the past few weeks, I’ve been posting video regularly on my YouTube channel. Thanks to Flip that allows fuss-free video recording.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this device a few months back. Apparently, this Flip  is very popular in US and UK. Lucky me, I’m one of the first few people in Singapore who owns the latest creation of Flip, Flip Mino HD.

I’m not a tech-savvy kind of person, so having such a user-friendly device is definitely useful.

Here’s what I discovered about my Flip Mino HD:

• It has 4GB of built-in memory, and I can record up to 60 minutes of HD quality video

• It is very light, with a super-slim and super-sleek design. Definitely can fit into your pocket, or even clutch bag.

• Cable – free device. It comes with  a flip-out USB connection. So you can plug directly into your computer for you to download the video, and also charge your Flip.

• It comes with a built-in FlipShare software. It allows you to organize your videos, edit individual clips, make videos, and upload straight to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and email.

Here’s a short video of me getting familiar with my Flip Mino HD :)

I will never leave home without my Flip Mino. I use it everyday, capturing many of my Life’s Good Moments. Especially to capture the moments with my daughter. At her age right now (2 years old), she is really very active and adorable, so I must always get ready to capture that sweet moments.

So, if you are thinking of buying a present for your friends, your loved ones or even yourself, this Flip Mino is definitely a good buy. The world’s smallest, sleekest HD camcorder with exclusive skins is now available only at!

flip 1

You can also browse thru some other cool stuff that have. They are now having a 25.12% discount storewide from now till boxing day.

12buysg 2


Last but not least, has generously allowed me to run a contest, and for the 2 contest winners, you’ll get a FLIP MINO each! Go to my facebook fan page and click ‘Like’ so that you can be informed about this upcoming contest :)

Flip Mino HD Tutorial

Walking With Dinosaurs

2 weeks ago (1st Dec 2010), I get a chance to be one of the first few people in Singapore to watch the premiere of 'Walking With Dinosaurs'. Thanks to Andrew who gave me 3 complimentary tickets :) I went together with my husband and my daughter, Alvernia

Here are some moments captured











Last but not least, I've also compiled a video for you to watch.



Bong Chandra and Merry Riana

Walking With Dinosaurs

LG Ambassador – Merry Riana