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Vote Now! – Merry Riana – Women's Weekly Great Women Of Our Time 2010

I feel exceptionally honored to be nominated for the Great Women Of Our Time Award by Singapore Women's Weekly .
This is an annual initiative to recognise excellence, leadership and performance in a new generation of women, all of whom they believe are leaders of tomorrow. To be nominated for the same award with these extraordinary women is truly a privilege and a dream come true for me.

I’m especially happy when I know that a few of my friends were also being nominated together with me for this award. I’m grateful to have them as my friends and I’m flattered to be nominated together with these outstanding women, many of whom have inspired me in my own journey.



Merry Riana - Woman's Weekly



I’m very fortunate to have won some other awards in the past, most of them to honor successful entrepreneurs. But, I feel extremely blessed to even be nominated for this award, because it honors me as a woman, something that I feel especially proud and grateful to be.

The Great Women of Our Time Award is a wonderful concept. While there are many other awards that recognize successful women, this special award honor outstanding women who are making significant contributions to society.

The panel of judges include: Member of Parliament, Denise Phua, Social Entrepreneur and past winner of the Great Women Of Our Time Awards Norma Sit, and editor-in-chief, The Singapore Women’s Weekly, Tara Barker.


And the best part is …


                      You can be part of this prestigious event too !


In the latest Women's Weekly (September Issue), you'll see this whole page advertisement, stated on how you can start to vote for the women who have inspired you :) … and stand to win prizes :)



Merry Riana - Great Women Of Our Time



Vote for the women who inspire you and hey, you might win yourself some lovely prizes over SGD1,778!
One lucky winner will win an exclusive prize, comprising:

 -  Dr. Brandy hamper worth SGD500.00
 -  Award-winning J’s Kérastase Hair & Scalp Ritual & Gemstone Massage worth SGD308.00
 -  Jacob’s Creek hamper worth SGD500.00
 -  Poh Heng diamond pendant with chain worth SGD470.00


SMS to 79797: SWW09G*Code*Name*NRIC*Address*Email.
(Example: SWW09G*Code03*JanTan*S1234567A*Blk123 #01-15 ABC St S807123*


–>  You may vote as many times for as many nominees as you wish
–>  Readers’ votes plus the judges’ decisions will be used to decide the final six category winners
–>  The nominee with the most SMS votes from readers will win the Most Inspiring Award

Must Watch Video – Miss Universe 2010 Contestants !!

I turn on my laptop and about to write my blog, and accidentally I come across this very interesting interview about Miss Universe 2010. So I decided to post about it instead.


Fullscreen capture 290810 11414 PM



This impromptu video interview is done for all the Miss Universe 2010 Finalist. And I've listed down some of our fellow ASIAN Contestants. Here it is …


From Indonesia 




From Singapore




From Thailand




From Japan




From Korea





From China





Although the way their answer the question might not be perfect, but I still salute them for still being able to represent their country at the Miss Universe 2010. It's definitely not easy to be interviewed with such impromptu questions like that, especially knowing that for some of them, English is not their everyday language.


So for that I've decided to comment for every good thing that I saw in them.

Here's what I like the best:


Miss Indonesia: Love the way you imitate the sound effect. You are very creative and animated. Hahaha .. :)

Miss Singapore: Smart answer and no singlish :)

Miss Thailand: Best gift received so far? "Miss Thailand Universe". Great Answer!

Miss Japan: Wow! you really speak very well. Confident, Elegant, and yet still Friendly.

Miss Korea: Love your answer about your worst date. It's so funny :) And you are really beautiful.

Miss China: So young!  you are only 19 and yet you already went so far. Can see that you really like to smile a lot.

Start with WHY

  Do you want to be successful ? I bet your answer to that question will be YES !

But do you really know WHY you want to be successful

Well, if you don't have a firm YES to answer my 2nd questions, then I suggest that you really take a moment to really think about it.


 WHY you must be successful? 


start why now

Start with WHY ! 

Because like it or not, but only when you know exactly why, then you’ll eventually will find the answer to how.

Let me give you this analogy

Imagine I have a suitcase for you. In that suitcase there is $1 million in cash. The suitcase is placed in a building that is about an hour’s drive from where you are now.

Here is the deal: All you have to do is get to this building in the next two hours. If you get there before the end of the two hours, I will hand you the suitcase, and you will be a million dollars richer.

There is one catch, however. If you are even one second late, our deal is off, and you will not get a any single cents at all. No exceptions!

So with that in mind, what time would you like to leave? Most people would respond to that scenario by saying that they would leave right now. Wouldn’t you?

So off you go. You jump into your car and start driving for the building. On the way there you are excited and are already starting to plan how you are going to spend your million dollars. Then, suddenly, the traffic comes to a complete stop. You turn on the radio and find that there has been a series of freak accidents between you and the building and there is no way to get there! 

Now what would you do? Would you give up and go back home? Or would you get out of your car and walk, run, hire a helicopter, or find some other way of getting to the building on time?


I’m sure you won’t just give up easily right?


Now let’s suppose for a minute that you are driving to an appointment at your dentist’s office. The traffic again comes to a stop. Amazingly, there have been freak accidents between you and your dentist’s office. What would you do then? Probably give up, go home and reschedule!

What is the difference between these two situations? It all comes down to why. If the why is big enough; the how is usually not a problem.


I am the real living example to that statement. How I was able to turn my self from a girl who used to survive with just $10/week to a millionaire entrepreneur today, simply by me started with WHY.

(Click on the link to read more)


Truly motivated people are able to identify and tap into the power of a compelling why in everything they do.

     Start with WHY today !     


My 30th Birthday Resolution

Dare to dream BIG !

That’s the message that  I always preach every time I get a chance to conduct a talk for aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and also the public. And that is something that I truly believe.

10 years ago I did 1 thing that makes me who I am today. When I celebrated my 20th birthday, I made a birthday resolution, that in 10 years time (before I celebrated my 30th Birthday), I want to be able to achieve my financial freedom, I want to be a millionaire. At that time I have totally have no idea on how am I going to achieve that, but believe it or not, I eventually still did it.

So this year, since I’m going to celebrate my 30th birthday, a lot of people asked me whether am I going to make another 10 year resolution?

And my answer is:  OF COURSE !!!  :)

Actually I’ve been thinking about it since last year. I believe that whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve. Your thoughts will become things. So I must be very careful with what I really want, for it can really become a reality.  After much reflections and thoughts, I’ve finally concluded what I want for the next 10 years.

I’ve shared this to a few people on my 30th Birthday in May, but today I’m going to share it to all of you here in my blog.

So, here it is …


Merry Riana's 30th bday resolution


I’m so blessed and fortunate that I’ve managed to overcome many difficulties in my life, and currently living the life that I could never imagine it will be possible.  And I really hope that my life story and all the things that I’m doing right now will serve as an inspiration for others (especially women), knowing that if an average women like me can really live my dreams, so can they.


I don’t know exactly how am I going to achieve that resolution, but I definitely have a few plans in mind, and I believe that I will eventually achieve it, just like what happened 10 years ago.

Merry Riana and Estee Lauder

One of my hobby since young is to pose in front of the camera :)

 Merry Riana Young

Yup.. that’s me !! :) hahaha.. cute right?

I simply love to smile, love to laugh, and love to take good picture

And I’m very fortunate that eventhough most people know me as ‘Merry the Millionaire Entrepreneur’, or ‘Merry the Trainer’. or ‘Merry the Best-Selling Author’,  I can also do a little bit of Modelling.

Since 2 years ago, I was already doing some photoshoot for some brands, fashion label, and also magazine.

Here are some of the photos

Merry Model 1

 Merry Riana Modelling 2

Few months ago, I was even more happy when I know that I’ll be doing photoshoot for one of my favorite make up label: Estee Lauder. I was doing the promotion for their new range of Blusher.

You probably recognize this article/advertisement.

Merry Riana - Estee Lauder

It was published almost in all Singapore Women’s Magazine such as Her World, Simply Her, Female and Nu You (June edition)

Last month, Estee Lauder organized its private annual event at Paragon Shopping Centre. I was involved to and did the catwalk for them. It was definitely a fun experience, especially I got to meet with some of my fellow Female 50 Gorgeous People again.

Here are some photos taken from the event

Estee Lauder 1

Estee Lauder 2

 Estee Lauder 3

Estee Lauder 4

Estee Lauder 5

Estee LAuder 6

Click here for more details about what happened during the event

Looking forward for my up and coming photoshoots and events !