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The Merry Riana Show – Featuring Bryan De Silva (Razor TV) FULL VERSION !!

You probably recognize him from the Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2008.


bryan - cleo


And now you can see him everyday hosting his show/segment at Razor TV, an online television service that broadcasts live from Singapore Press Holding’s (SPH) Multimedia Centre.


Yup… he is none other than       BRYAN DE SILVA.


Few months ago, I had a privilege to have him to be my special guest at the Merry Riana Show.


MR- Bryan 1


MR - Bryan


MR - bryan 3



Bryan is such a friendly and down to earth person. During the interview, he shared about his passion in journalism, his experiences being in the media industry, and of course some very useful tips on how to be a good TV presenter.


I really learned a lot from his sharing :)  


Those of you who aspire to be like him one day, you must definitely watch the complete episode here.


PART 1/4 



 PART 2/4



PART 3/4 



PART 4/4 



One Day at Jurong Bird Park

Last Friday I had a last minute extra free hours in the afternoon. So what did I do with that?
Me and my hubby gave our daughter a little surprise by bringing her to her favorite place in Singapore: Jurong Bird Park :)


Here's a golden moments of ours


Bird 1


Bird 2


Bird 3


bird 5


Bird 6


Bird 7


Bird 8


Then we went to see Penguins…


penguin 1


Nice?? hahaha.. actually that's just the photo..


The real one is this…


 bird 9


FInally, Last photoshoot for the day


Bird 10



For the past 12 years staying in Singapore, I have never been to Jurong Bird Park. But just within 1 month, I've already gone there twice! Thanks to my daughter :) hahhaa..


Too bad we can't stay there for too long, because after that I have to run for another meeting :) But indeed it was an unforgettable moment. Will definitely go there again :)

What Failure Means ?

What Failure Means ?


Failure doesn't mean- You are a failure,
It means- You have not succeeded.

Failure doesn't mean- You accomplished nothing,
It means- You have learned something.

Failure doesn't mean- That you have been a fool,
It means- You had a lot of faith.

Failure doesn't mean- You've been disgraced,
It means- You were willing to try.

Failure doesn't mean- You don't have it,
It means- You have to do something in a different way.

Failure doesn't mean- You are inferior,
It means- You are not perfect.


Remember:  Failure comes before Success, even in the Dictionary :)


My 30th Birthday

For some women, hitting the BIG 3 is something that probably scary. I remember watching "FRIENDS" sitcom many years back in which Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) celebrating her 30th birthday and she spent the whole day crying and talking how depressed she was at having just turned thirty.  


Exactly 1 week ago (29th May 2010), I celebrated my 30th Birthday. And I was not depressed at all about it! On the contrary, I actually felt excited and happy. Turning 30 was a a big milestone. Some see the Big 3-0 is one decade closer to middle age, and one step closer to old age.  Some said that Women are like mango. When it's young, it's fresh but sour. But when it's older, it's sweet and tasty. Hahaha… :) well said ! :)


I was fortunate that my birthday this year falls on the long weekend!


27th May 2010

On Thursday night, I went to Asia Conference, specially to listen to Dr. Phil Pringle message. He is one of my favorite pastor. Very annointed ! Thanks to Pastor Aries who has kindly invited me and my husband as his guest. We can actually sat in the VIP section, and met with Dr. Phil Pringle after the session. Thank you so much, Pastor Aries! that really means a lot to me :)


Dr. Phil pringle



28th May 2010

Just the night before my birthday, I spent some times to also update my DREAM BOOK. I have kept this book for 10 years, and everytime I flip back, each page really bring a lot of memories. It's amazing to see how those things that look impossible at that time eventually really turned into a reality. 

So I pasted few more pictures on what I desire for the next 10 years.
(I'll share with you more about my 30th Birthday resolution in my next post)


28th May 2010,  23:50

Just 10 minutes before the 'actual' day, I had a little private moment for myself. I thank God for so many blessings and miracles that He has given me up to today. And I prayed that in this new chapter of my life, He will continually bless me and use me as His instrument. Giving me all the strenght to do things that I must do, fullfilling my life purpose :)


29th May 2010, 00:00

It's official,  I'm now 30 years old !! Yippie !! :)

I received many calls, sms, facebook message, etc. It was so overwhelming. I slept while smiling that night. Simply can't contain the joy that I had.


Wake up in the morning, have a small birthday celebration with my husband and my daugther :)


Bday 1


Bday 2



We then made our ways to Capital Tower, to have lunch with my beloved core team members. These people are the pillars of MRO (Merry Riana Organization). Some of them have been with me eversince I started my business.



Bday 3


Bday 4


bday 5


In the evening, we had family dinner @ Morton Steakhouse. One of my favorite place in town. And we keep coming back because they just simply awesome !


bday 6


bday 7


Oh yah.. I almost forgot.. I actually received this cute birthday card from MRO :) 


card 1


card 2


card 3



Hahaha.. yeah.. I'll get used to it !


I thank God for my life, that I have been given one more day to enjoy His blessings. I'm grateful for everything that I have. My health, my family, my business, and most importantly people around me, who always care and support me :) Yes! That's ALL OF YOU !!! Thank you all your birthday wishes and prayers (Never in my life I've received so many b'day greetings, close to a thousand, You've really made my day)  Thank you for your friendship, and Thank you for being part of my life!


I'm trully blessed!! :)

Women Extraordinaire

After months of preparation and hardwork, I'm very proud to present to you: "Women Extraordinaire"

This is a collaboration between me and Adam Khoo.

Women Extraordinaire was co-developed by me and the expert trainers of AKLTG (Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group)  to help women understand their own personal top challenges and priorities in life, direct them to become more aware of themselves emotionally, mentally and physically by setting them in an environment to discover not only the lives that revolves around them, but most importantly, the Life they are leading right now.


This exclusive women-only programme was designed specially to give women of today new tools, skills, strategies and inspiration in order for them to take charge of their financial management, to further their professional developments and to balance their work and family roles, without compromising their own space and time.


Yesterday, we just had our very first "Women Extraordinaire" Introductory workshop.

This was the ad posted in both StraitsTimes and also TODAY newspaper


Women Extraordinaire jpeg


And I was so happy that it really went very well. It was FULL HOUSE, and people just kept on coming, until we had to add extra chairs at the isle and at the back to accommodate them.


During the 3 hours, I shared with them the challenges that I had as a women, having to manage both career and family. I also shared with them how did I achieved my first million at the age of 26, and the challenges that I had after I achieved my first million. I know …, by the time you read this, you might be wondering … "Are you kidding me.. you have so much money at such a young age, what kind of challenges you could still possibly had?"  Hahaha… trust me, life is really not all about the money and the achievement.


I also shared some useful tips on how women, like you and me can also live the life that we truly deserve. How to excel in our career, and at the same time create a long lasting relationship with our loved one. And many more…


I really had a wonderful time with all the participants. They were all just so awesome and so energetic. Here are some moments captured 





WE resize


we 2


Even though this event is a 'Women-only' event, you'll be surprise to see that there were few gentlemen who actually came for this workshop too. I was pleasantly surprise, Some came down with their female friends, some came down with their wives. So sweet and so supportive of them :)


If you missed this workshop, don't worry, I'll be conducting another one next Friday.

Here's the detail:


Date                : Friday, 11th June 2010
Time               : 7pm-10pm (Registration starts at 6.30pm)
Venue             : Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Training Centre
                          10 Hoe Chiang Road #01-05 Keppel Towers, Singapore 089315
                          (Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar, Exit A, Opposite Amara Hotel


If you are free and you would like to come, you can email me at
I'll be more than happy to have you as my guest :)

Hope to see you there!